Executive Coaching Service.

Authentic Leadership for Corporate and Executive.

Executive coaching service is a specialized consulting and training service to improve the work performance of individuals so that they can achieve a goal established by the director or manager of an organization. The executive coaching sessions are based on joint work, where the coach applies techniques, methods, and resources from different theoretical frameworks (neurolinguistic programming, ontological and emotional coaching) so that the client develops strategies, other points of view, and competencies. It allows him to get closer and closer to the goal that the organization imposes on him, or he sets for himself.

Executive Career Coaching Services.

Executive business coaching services have a direct impact on the transformation and competencies of leaders or executives and indirectly on the performance of work teams, the company, and the generation of talents within it. Complete 360 has specialized for years in helping, guiding, and training executives to be more effective in meeting organizational challenges, both in normal periods and in times of high complexity. For this, we have certified coaches, those who in the executive coaching program uses an expert approach and help dissolve the limitations that do not allow leaders to achieve the goals for them, as well as for their teams.

We work with individual leaders to develop authentic leadership and conquer the new range of business problems by providing exceptional and tailored corporate and executive coaching. Complete 360 conducts coaching sessions with executives who want to be true leaders in their area and who want to achieve the highest quality in every aspect of their lives.


Corporate and Executive Coaching.

You need to be the best version of yourself; you need to put yourself in an advantageous position. You need to get ahead to be a great coach! The basic benefit of executive coaching in companies is to unleash the potential performance of workers, generating better results in terms of efficiency and performance.

Most companies indicate that executive coaching processes lead to a better level of communication, teamwork, and leadership. On the other hand, the same companies confirm that executive coaching led to a substantial improvement in the level of service to external clients, thus generating better-operating results.

Complete 360 works with the managers of the organizations to define, execute and measure the annual strategic planning in each area and to obtain the high-performance KPIs. Our executive career coaching increases the capacity of the management team to manage and direct an organization from design planning, establish control, visualization of indicators to the development of autonomous leaders.