Corporate Coaching.

Corporate coaching is an accompaniment and guide to facilitate the rapid and effective incorporation of new leaders to strategic positions in the company. Its focus is to eliminate possible errors due to ignorance, to acquire the organizational culture, and above all, to generate positive and remarkable performance in the short term. It also applies to personnel who have been transferred to positions of greater difficulty.

At Complete 360, we work with managers at all levels of the organization to improve performance and develop the skills needed in the new financial climate. Our coaches also train managers in a which can help them get the best out of their staff and themselves.

Recognizing the Good Manager.

Successful executives not only expect their employees to show initiative but encourage it and systematically build it up so that real commitment can develop. Bad executives tend to be addicted to control and expect initiative and entrepreneurial thinking to emerge on their own.

The reason for inadequate management and leadership skills is usually common – not having the necessary training and corporate coaching, which makes it difficult for them to handle complex and difficult situations. Often these managers are promoted and had to take on managerial responsibility without proper training. In doing so, they often lack numerous basics such as employee appraisals are unwound as an annoying compulsory event and restrictive communication with subordinates!

How do We help?

Young managers at the beginning of the journey, in many cases, are required to cover the lack of experience with particularly high abilities – personal training for young managers gives them various vital abilities. In addition, the coaching process gives relatively junior executives confidence in their power and ability to continue to grow in the business and contribute to it more and more, both in the current position and in the positions, they will be promoted to in the future. In this way, the utilization of the managerial capital in each organization is guaranteed.


The main objective of our corporate coaching services is to strengthen ties between participants and improve their performance and efficiency when carrying out their tasks. Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years and the large number of multinational companies that have passed through our facilities, we have been able to achieve our objectives without dispensing with programs with a relaxed, entertaining, and personal approach.

Get Corporate Coaching Services from Professionals.

We are Coach specialists in business and companies who offer a work environment optimization service in all areas of the company. We differentiate ourselves by the ability to generate visible changes in the short term. Based on the diagnosis, a work plan is formulated; and then coaching techniques are implemented that will cause an effective and visible change in the organization, resulting in more efficiency in staff.